Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the dog brought it out in him

So I have been grounded for the last few days.... Well it all started at 3am when our dog woke us up by puking under our bed... he woke up and told me that I should probably clean it up before morning... That is when I started to get upset...

I thought to myself .... Why should I have to clean it up it is OUR dog. Who is he to tell me what to do?.... But I did it anyways I got up and went to get the cleaning stuff to clean up the puke... I came back into the room and was a bit huffy puffy about it. I look under the bed and he had puked all the way under the bed in the farthest corner so i was going to have to crawl all the way over to it... Then my "lovely" boyfriend thought of the great idea that it would be smart to just move the mattress and reach it that way.... "light bulb"....

Then i wasnt so mad because I thought that he was going to help me but instead he wrapped up in a blanket and went to the living room and layed down on the couch... This is when I started in "oh WOW thanks for the help hun" "Man I sure and thankful no one else woke up to the dog puking" "It isnt like im tired or anything" "why dont you just sleep on the couch"...

Once I was done I just didnt talk to him I walked in the living room threw away the puke then walked back into the room slammed the door and started to lay down in bed... during this whole time he was asking me if I was done or not... I didnt respond, not even a peep.... As I was headed towards the bed I hear him coming and the door flys open and let me tell ya, he was far from happy... all he said was go stand in the corner right now... I just looked at him like a deer in headlights... "NOW"... I stomped out of the room to the corner... I didnt think it was fair at all I was so mad at him for making me stand there... So instead of standing I decided I was going to sit down ... I sat there the entire time...

For about the first 15 minutes I was just mad at him... that stupid jerk this isnt fair... I cant believe him... Im not talking to him... I should just get up right now and go lay on the couch and say screw him... WHO does HE think HE is???.... then at about 15 minutes my thinking started to change and I felt bad ... I felt worse than bad I felt HORRIBLE... How could I talk to him the way I did? I had been unemployed for about 2 weeks prior to this incident so all I had been doing was job searching and then going to work with him to keep him company... that day I had just hung out with a friend of mine ... He had worked all day long that day and it was his day off then he came home to friends over and they didnt leave until almost 8 pm.... So it was understandable that he wanted me to clean up the puke, he was tired.

This is when I started to get a bit emotional... then I started to get cold lol... I was in a tank top and pj bottoms but our house is freezing at night

I asked him "can i come out yet"


"I want a sweater"

"be quiet"

"but im cold"

"you had better stop talking"

this is when I realized he wasn't going to give in. I had really upset him. I sat there for about another 10 minutes or so for a total of about 30-45 minutes. When he finally allowed me to come back into the room I apologized and he just said we would be talking in the morning because I was still in trouble... Long story short I was grounded for about 2 days from doing anything on my computer or outside the house with out asking first.

Sounds like DD is growing on him ... I love that it is growing on him but I hate being in trouble lol

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  1. You totally had me on your side until the part that he had been working...and you didn't have to that day or the next day - I was thinking wow what a jerk! lol!! BUT on the other hand I am 100% 100% 100% guilty and would have reacted the same exact way you did...and then would have felt bad. There are times when our baby has the worst diaper in the world and after he has worked late I totally want him to take care of it- so I know the feeling. I can't even say I would have dealt with dog puke...but we are new to DD- now maybe I would. I do not work but I do stay home with our five children...but I do get to bed a lot earlier than him. I'm SURE we will having this same experience some day! lol! Thanks for sharing! =)